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Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course

If you love adventure and a thrill, you’ll love being suspended among the ponderosa pines with 70+ ariel obstacles!

Flagstaff Extreme has its name for a reason…it is awesome! I had heard about it from a few people who said it was a lot of fun but I was still not sure what to expect. I hoped for something challenging and adventurous & made a reservation for a group of 4.

IMG_0572When we arrived, it was freezing and suppose to snow (the course stays open rain, snow or shine). After getting our harnesses on and going through the demo course, staff made a fire for us. The demo course definitely helped us feel confident  that we’d be secure no matter how high we were.

The course starts off easy and gets progressively harder and harder and higher and higher (the difficulty level is color coded so you can stop if you don’t feel comfortable). I was pleasantly surprised that the course had so many different features and obstacles. The obstacles included everything from cargo nets, Tarzan ropes, rock climbing, zip lines, wood beams, bridges and a skateboard!

imageWhen we went, the weather started out dry, turned to a light snow and then the snow started dumping on us. It was the first snow of the season so the course looked like a winter wonderland when we were finished.

If you and your friends want to add a little fun, you can try to shake the ropes and make it more difficult.

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend Flagstaff Extreme to any thrill seeker! And if you really like a thrill, then you should go when the weather is forecasted to rain or snow. Everyone in my group had a blast and its an experience we will never forget.

To get more information or to make a reservation, visit www.flagstaffextreme.com!

indianTIP: If you are coming from the Phoenix area, you can drive through Sedona. It is only a 15-20 minute detour and the scenery is worth every minute. If you plan enough time, you can stop for breakfast. We stopped at Indian Gardens Cafe & Market (photo to the right) and the breakfast was delicious!

As you drive through Sedona, you will see tons of places to eat and shop. If you don’t drive through before visiting Flagstaff Extreme, you can always drive through afterward. We decided to visit one of the breweries in downtown Flagstaff afterward and took the 17 freeway home. Because it had snowed, it the view on the 17 freeway was amazing … we passed through miles and miles of snow covered trees.

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