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Rock + Roll Massage at Hotel Valley Ho

Best of Scottsdale

A truly unique massage that delivers amazing relaxation and pampering!

Hotel Valley Ho has one of the best spas in Scottsdale. I recently tried the 90 minute Rock + Roll massage that was featured on Allure (see the YouTube video below) and it was AMAZING!

The Rock + Roll is a unique hot stone massage.  Heated basalt & guasha stones and warmed birch sticks are used in this massage to enable intricate work. The elements also provide a soothing sensation for ultimate relaxation.

From the minute I hopped onto the comfy spa table to the end where I was handed my warmed robe, I was in heaven. The massage allowed for the tension in my shoulders and neck to be relieved without a painful experience. I have never felt so relaxed and invigorated at the same time. If you try the Rock + Roll massage, you will not be disappointed!

The woman’s lounge is well appointed and has a fantastic sauna. I recommend adding on a fitness class before the massage and then taking advantage of the spa’s amenities.


Photos of the sauna, shower with changing area & vanity

VH Spa at Hotel Valley Ho
(480) 421-7777

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