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It Begins and Ends With YOU – A Recap of the Series

Over the past 8 weeks, I have taken you through a series of steps to help you get happy, healthy and fit! I hope you were able to take away valuable information and know what is truly needed to begin implementing a lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. Being healthy and fit comes with many benefits beyond a physical appearance. Being happy and confident will help you excel in all areas of life. The “can do” attitude will make you unstoppable and will lead you to exploring many new adventures.

In today’s final article, I want to provide you a recap of all previous articles. The following are easy guidelines to remember in your journey. I try to keep these top of mind to help me stay on track. I hope that you print this out or save it somewhere so that you always remember all the little things needed to have a balanced lifestyle.

  • If possible always incorporate HIIT cardio sessions at least 3x a week rather than long steady cardio
  • Learn how to eat within your macros. This approach works great on vacations or if you can’t find healthy options
  • Strength training and weight training are critical to shaping your body
  • You don’t need to lift 6-7x a week to see changes, try 3-5x to start off and work your way up only if you want a more defined, lean look
  • Just because you’re skinny, doesn’t mean you’re healthy. You still have to eat right and engage in some sort of exercise (30min 5x a week) for health reasons
  • Be patient. Change takes time. It takes 4 weeks for you to notice, 8 weeks for family and friends to notice, and 12 weeks for the world to notice
  • Consistency is key…remember this if you haven’t seen any changes
    You can’t out work a bad diet. If you workout to eat, then understand you won’t see any changes (some people are ok with that)
  • If you hate eating healthy, workout harder. If you hate working out, eat healthier. If you want a great body eat healthy and kickass in the gym
  • Always try new workouts or cardiovascular exercises if you start to get bored
  • Never engage in long steady cardio unless you’re training for an endurance sport
  • Find a workout plan that will work best for you and you’ll enjoy!
  • Weightlifting will not make you bulky!
  • Carbs are not the enemy! Overeating is the root of all problems!
  • Healthy fats are OK!!
  • Too much of a good thing can also be bad ☺
  • Don’t follow diet trends they don’t work
  • Everything is ok in moderation
  • Limiting beer, frozen drinks, juices and most soft drinks can help you lose weight. Make small adjustments to your bad habits and you will see changes
  • Stop weighing yourself on the scale. Learn measurements and progress pictures are the best way to see if your body is changing
  • Set a list of small goals, this will help you keep on track to a bigger goal
  • Never ever give up!
  • Don’t do the same workout day in and day out. Change it up, challenge yourself and step it up once you’re ready
  • Limit processed, fried and refined carbs
  • Eat lean meats
  • Learn your bad habits and try to cut them out slowly
  • Figure out if you are overeating or under-eating before you begin eating within your daily caloric. If you are over/under make sure to add/remove by 500 calories
  • Losing 1-2lbs is healthy, anything more is unrealistic to maintain
  • Knowing your body type will help you understand how you must work out and how you must eat in order to hit your goals
  • If you are unhappy with eating healthy and working out figure out the root of the problem before giving up. Are you following a healthy plan? Maybe try a different route that works for you
  • Supplements are not needed but I do recommend fish oil, vitamin C, multivitamins, and CLA
  • Understand what look is maintainable for you and your body only!! Never try to mold your body into something you cant maintain. Never compare yourself to others
  • Don’t freak out if you don’t see any changes or if weight increases. Your body changes so much within a day. Let it pass, know you’re working hard and the change will occur
  • Once you lose the weight and get fit. You have to keep it up! You can never return back to your old self, or you will return to your old body slowly
  • Surround yourself with people who will support your goals
  • We all started somewhere, help those who are beginning their journey
  • There will be good days, bad days and days you won’t feel motivated. Keep pushing!! The biggest changes come after the biggest obstacles!! I know this one all too well!
  • Drink plenty of water often times you are not hungry just thirsty
  • Don’t compare yourself to others ever!
  • Life happens and that’s ok. No one is perfect! If you keep consistent, don’t give up, and push hard to break any cycle of bad habits. You will eventually get the meaning of losing weight and keeping it off for good!
  • If you diet to hard or do countless hours of cardio, know that its un-maintainable and most likely lead to health issues or gaining the weight back
  • There are no shortcuts in losing weight and getting fit

Changing your body is no easy task, but when you realize you don’t like the way your body has changed, what else do you have left to lose (besides the weight). Remember, the moment has to come on your own terms no matter who tries to tell you Changing your habits and patterns may be difficult at first. But it takes 21 days to break a habit!!! Last, you have to want it more than anything and understand! Life is too short to not be happy, to not explore the unknown and to let the fear of failing control your life. Get out, be daring and go for it!

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