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Get Bikini Ready at the Body Lab!

This amazing total body workout will get you in tip-top shape for summer!

I love fitness classes but I usually don’t feel like I get an intense workout. I LOVE the Body Lab because the workouts are challenging and I feel sore the next day (hello progress!).

11054838_10153223091733126_8156281901490110327_oI’ve been going to the Body Lab for the past three weeks. When I took my first class, I thought it was going to be like reformer Pilates classes I had taken in the past – its not! It’s much more strength-focused and intense.

The reason the workouts are so effective is the Body Lab specializes in Lagree Fitness, the regime of choice by Hollywood’s elite and people who simply want the most kick-butt, shirt drenching and fun workout around.

During the 50 minute workout, the instructor will focus on slow and controlled movements on the MegaFormer causing constant tension. You will isolate the same muscle group with three different movements, usually causing failure (that’s how you know you’re working hard). On average, you’ll burn 600 calories per class.

Another great benefit of the Body Lab is that there are only 11 MegaFormers so you’ll get personalized attention and the instructor can help you with proper form.

POPSUGAR Fitness recently featured the Lagree Method in the Youtube video below. All of the movements demonstrated are practiced in the Body Lab classes.

Your first class is FREE so you have nothing to lose. Give the Body Lab a try and I guarantee you’ll get a great workout!

Body Lab
20511 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
4414 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

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