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Outdoor Rock Climbing at Tom’s Thumb

Best of Arizona

Looking for outdoor adventure in Arizona? Try outdoor rock climbing! Phoenix and Scottsdale have a lot of cool spots to climb for a fun outdoor adventure.

IMG_0729This past weekend, we had a fun outdoor rock climbing experience with StoneMan Climbing Company.

We met at the Tom’s Thumb Trailhead in Scottsdale where our guide, Hugo, provided us with all the rock climbing equipment. Once we learned how all our equipment worked, we were ready to get climbing.

During our 3 hour trip, we were able to climb two challenging but fun areas. Our guide was really great about helping us get comfortable before we emerged ourselves into the climbing experience. Once we started climbing, we found that outdoor rock climbing is much more challenging than indoor rock climbing but also a lot more rewarding!

IMG_0681Once we climbed to the peak of the rocks, we were rewarded with amazing views and the feeling of accomplishment. I’d recommend rock climbing to anyone who loves adventure or likes to find new ways to stay active outdoors. The climbing left us exhausted… it’s a great workout.

The cool thing about StoneMan Climbing is that very trip is custom tailored to the individual. When I signed up for the experience, I was expecting other people to be in our group. I was pleasantly surprised to learn the rock climbing trips are kept small to provide personalized attention and a great experience. Here are a few of the benefits of climbing with StoneMan:

  • All Guides have been Certified by Internationally Recognized Organizations
  • Guides will consult with you personally to pick the best location for you
  • All the climbing gear is provided (specialized shoes, harness, helmet, etc.)
  • They provide the safest gear in the industry as well as the most comfortable gear
  • Guides will teach you climbing techniques from their years of experience

StoneMan Climbing offers 2, 4, and 7hour custom trips. They also offer classes and specialized rock climbing skills and technique courses for all ability levels.

StoneMan Climbing Company

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