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Kickstart Summer with a Juice Cleanse

Whether you live a healthy lifestyle and want to give your body a little re-boot or you want to help your body recover and kickstart healthy eating habits, we recommend a juice cleanse.


Summer is just around the corner. To kickstart our goal to make healthier eating choices (and to give our livers a break from cocktails), we decided to try a juice cleanse.

We found Juby True and loved that their beginner cleanse came with a kale quinoa salad. We decided to go with the 2-day cleanse (1 day didn’t seem long enough and we thought we might fail if we tried 3 days).

Here’s what was included each day:
Body Karate: orange, sea buckthorn berry, ginger, lemon, astragalus, nettle oil
IMG_1355Get Glowing: cucumber, pineapple, coconut water, chai seed
Pressed Kale-Aid: celery, apple, cucumber, lemon, kale, ginger
Roots Radical: red beet, carrot, pear, ginger, lemon, turmeric
Reset Button: apple, celery, lemon, jalepeno, filtered water
Tuscan Kale Quinoa Salad: kale, red quinoa, lemon dressing
Almond Mylk: raw sprouted almond, filtered water, date, vanilla beanIMG_1410

Cleanse Day 1
The body karate booster was a great way to start the morning (refreshing and perfect replacement for coffee and energy drinks). All the juices that followed were delicious. We felt hungry most of the day and the kale quinoa salad was a lifesaver around dinner time. We both went to bed feeling a little hungry but we made it!

Cleanse Day 2
Surprisingly, we didn’t wake up hungry. As the day progressed, we IMG_1373became more hungry and had less energy than day 1. Encouragement from each other was key. We decided not to workout and made it through day 2.

Back to Normal Day 3
We both felt healthier than before we started the cleanse. I found myself eating smaller portion sizes (I became fuller quicker than normal) and was more conscience about the food and drink choices I was making.

If you’re timid about the idea of a juice cleanse, find someone to do it with you. Having a partner helps keep you accountable and you can celebrate your accomplishment together.

Overall, the cleanse was a wonderful experience and we will definitely do it again! The cleanse helped give our digestive system a break and helped us hydrate. One of the most surprising benefits was realizing all the unnecessary snacks and drinks I consumed throughout the day. Since finishing the cleanse, I make healthier eating choices.

If you’re not sure about a cleanse, we encourage you to visit one of Juby True’s locations to try a cold-pressed juice, a smoothie or a booster.

1 Comment on Kickstart Summer with a Juice Cleanse

  1. Jason Hackney // April 29, 2015 at 11:32 am // Reply

    Thank you for the cleanse tip!


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